Fucking Palm Beach man…oh my god. 8 more days? I can dig it..I haven’t been this happy in so long haaha, already pulled 3 numbers… yewwwww got an ounce of some dank bud, and degree weather …what else do you need? Haha

The words ‘oh my god, its so big’ make me smile when girls say it… xD must be a guy thing.. hahaha

Tonight was fucking crazy..stoned off my ass and tookk out all that sexual frustrauon … omg… :)

This weekend has been by far the greatest since summer… 2 beautiful sunny, warm, days..Days where Id rock the brotop, as well as my jeans..it was perfect..then I went to the boardwalk..amazing Saturday. Hung out with the bros all day, saw my babez, then my friend smoked me up…fucking perfect haha ina random ass motel sketchy ass hallway haha, then today Sunday was perfect. Longboarded with some bros today, saw my babez some more, even with my fractured hand it was good! Slack and the DreamWeaver crew are seriously amazing. They are the most nicest, caring, chill people I have ever met..I can’t believe I’m actually starting to eat healthy again..I can’t believe I’m regainging my happiness..its been so long..today I felt free of all cares, and just lived a normal 15 year old life..I think my life is starting too look up! :)

I want to kill myself more then ever..i need mental help, self harming is getting to become to much. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. I hate myself, i hate what i see, i hate everything, now my girlfriend, the only one keeping me happy..left me…for her ex..just proves hes 10x the guy ill ever be :/

So you did break up with me to go back to him…cool, thanks for lying. Real mature of a 17 year old. Now i feel like shit, because he’s so much better then me. Cool, i try and give you the world, tried to make you happy..i couldnt do it, so you leave me and go back to the boy who apparently ruined your life and the one i tried to get you to get over to make you happy. Cool. Awesome.

Probably’ try to kill myself tonight…probably fail again because i suck at everything. Oh well.. going to be home alone, parents going out to dinner, sister ain’t here, so yeah. Yolo right..

Theres probably 0% chance you’ll ever want to get back together. So its time to forget about you as we were, and try to force myself to think of you as a friend again. Fucking devastated i lost the most important thing in my life..but hey, shit happens right?

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That’s disgusting.

Well done society.

Well done.



89,535 ):



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